Jogger Mechanism


Mailing machines that stack 2-100 sheets need the ability to jog the top and bottom sides of a collation (stack of paper) to square them up. The mechanism then needs to quickly get out of the way.


Pneumatically Driven jogger with tamping surface that can be retracted to serve as a pathway.

• Motion of 4-bar linkage designed using kinematic synthesis
• The entire mechanism moves quickly back and forth to “jog” collation.
• Tamping portion of mechanism retracts and now serves as part of the machine surface
• Mechanism can be positioned anywhere along machine travel using 80/20 Extrusion
• Thomson Nyliner bushings to provide smooth motion and long life.
• E-A-R bumpers and isolators to quickly stop mechanisms and dampen vibrations.


This mechanism became the basis for patents