Configurable Cabinet


Existing cabinets come in only two sizes which often requires an expensive substructure for mounting machinery.
• Grounding of electrical components is problematic because of paint on the electrical mounting surface. Masking does not always provide adequate grounding.
• Cabinet excess length often forces designers to make machinery longer to accommodate.


• Configurable Cabinet – length can be increased or decreased (only five parts change) – eliminates the need for secondary substructure
• Common bulkhead at each end supports machine
– Sturdy 11 gauge welded steel construction
– Self-fixturing assembly for simple and accurate weld-up
• Separate non-corroding un-painted Aluminum mounting panel for superior grounding of electronics
• Aluminum swing out mounting doors for easy access to electronics
• Threaded mounts to adjust machine height
• Threaded leveling screws to accommodate uneven floor
• Upstream/Downstream removable panels for custom component mounting
• Removable Covers secured with recessed Phillips quarter-turn fasteners
• Lid to protect electronics